Rate Limiting

Get familiar with our rate limit policy to optimize your API usage.

Rate limiting is implemented to maintain the health of our system and ensure equitable access to all our users. The rate limit is set at 100 calls per second on a per-user basis. This means each user has their own limit which doesn't affect or is affected by other users.

In the event a user exceeds their rate limit, their account will be temporarily blocked from making further requests. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact our support team at support@spacely.ai for assistance.

If your business has requirements that exceed the 100 calls per second limit, we're more than willing to discuss custom arrangements. Please reach out to our team directly at support@spacely.ai to explore these options.

Always monitor your usage to avoid disruptions in your access to the Spacely AI API. Remember, rate limiting is in place for the benefit of all users to ensure optimal performance and availability.

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