How can you link your products to Spacely AI?

At Spacely AI, we understand that businesses have diverse operational frameworks. Hence, to seamlessly integrate your furniture products into our system, we offer two straightforward methods. Assess the options below to determine which fits best with your current setup:

Option 1: CSV File with Image Directories

Overview: This method requires you to prepare a CSV file containing product details and send your product images as separate files. The images are referenced in the CSV by their exact filenames.

Who Should Choose This?

  • If you already have a local directory of product images.

  • If your images aren't already hosted online.

  • If you prefer a consolidated upload of data and images.

pageOption 1 : CSV file with image directories

Option 2: CSV File with Image URLs

Overview: This is a more streamlined method where you only send a CSV file. In the CSV, you provide direct URLs pointing to where each product image is hosted online.

Who Should Choose This?

  • If your product images are already hosted online.

  • If you want a faster and simpler integration method.

  • If you can ensure the URLs are publicly accessible and long-lasting.

pageOption 2 : CSV file with image urls

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