Option 1 : CSV file with image directories

This method requires partners to send their product images as separate files, referenced in the CSV by their respective directory names.


  1. Prepare the CSV:

    • Populate the CSV with all the necessary product information.

    • For the image column, list the exact filename (including the file extension) of the corresponding product image.

  2. Prepare the Image Files:

    • Collate all product images into one folder.

    • Ensure each image file is named exactly as listed in the CSV.

    • Compress the folder to reduce the file size (using tools like WinRAR or 7-Zip).

  3. Sending the Data:

    • Attach the completed CSV and the compressed image folder to an email.

    • Subject should be “[Your Name] - Add Product Database with Image Directories”.

    • Email it to support@spacely.ai.

CSV directory:

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